Founder Cum Chairman Message

“At PDS Hospital , we are dedicated to bring a positive difference in the lives of people by giving them the best of treatments and facilities. ”

The main motive of Founder Cum Chairman (Dr. P. D. Singh) of PDS Hospital Pilibhit is to establish this hospital as a modern stone and endosurgery medical unit in the city. Visiting renowned hospitals across the country throughout his career has led him to gain high level of training and experience. World class equipment’s and facilities have been set up in this hospital to treat patients with kidney stones or stones, which are otherwise available only in metro cities.

He always try hard in regular way to gain new knowledge, capabilities and upgrading himself and whole staff of hospital to keep step towards the new in the field. He hope his hospital’s patients will extend the benefit of given facilities and they will feel comfortable while they stay in his hospital.

He always look eager to improve his care and services for his hospital’s patients. He normally ask with every patient and patient’s attendant at the time of patient discharging, about the services and facilities given by the hospital till the complete treatment of patient. He also ask suggestion for any improvement if they have observed while the treatment. He consider and try to fulfill fast, if any suggestion given by patient and his attendant for the improvement. Ultimately he want to know faithfully with his hospital’s patients and their attendant how he and his hospital staff are doing. His ultimately intention is to offer his patients, what they want in the field of Medicine & Surgery.

He believe that steady good health is very necessary for any person’s happiness and prosperities. His feeling is that he is committed to serve the sick and old communities by providing them the highest quality patient care as possible at affordable prices.

Dr.P.D Singh

Founder Cum Chairman